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This collection of user manuals is dedicated to OutdoorRouter's series of 4G and 5G SIM card routers designed for rural and industrial use. OutdoorRouter specializes in robust, weatherproof routers and modems optimized for wireless broadband connectivity in remote outdoor locations and challenging indoor environments.

The manual collection covers installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting for the WiFi extenders, Indoor SIM Routers, and Outdoor 4G/5G Routers. Additional OutdoorRouter models will be added to this manual collection as they are released.

These technical manuals provide detailed instructions and guidance on setting up and managing OutdoorRouter routers and modems on 4G LTE and 5G networks for various business, industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications.

Use the left-side menu bar to navigate to the user manual for your specific model. For additional product support, visit www.outdoorrouter.com or email supports@outdoorrouter.com. We hope you find this collection helpful for installing and leveraging OutdoorRouter hardware to meet your connectivity needs.

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